Prom dresses and gowns for 2019

Prom dresses 2019 Trends

2019 Prom dresses donít have to be limited simply to the latest style or fashion. There are so many dresses available, that each girl can find one to meet her style and personality. Prom night isnít just about looking beautiful, it is about being yourself, accenting your most beautiful features, and letting your personality shine through. The collection of 2019 prom dresses is unlike any other, full of spunk, style, and unique designs.

One fun thing about these colors is all the interesting ways you can play up your features with make-up. Matching or contrasting eye shadows, eye liners, and lip shades can bring out the best in you and make your look snap. If you want your evening gown to speak for itself, you can use neutral make-up tones with a pop of a bright lip color.

Prom Dresses 2019 - Cuts and Styles

The formal dress cuts that are popular for 2019 flatter different body types and curves. One popular cut in formal and 2011 prom dresses is the sweetheart neckline which adds a hint of elegance and gives you many options for jewelry. Sweetheart necklines look great with dangling necklaces and chokers alike. Strapless homecoming dresses, also a big hit, allow you to wear your hair up or down or even swept to the side. If you arenít comfortable in a strapless 2019 homecoming dress, thatís okay, spaghetti straps and halters are in style too. Another big trend in prom dresses 2019 is varying lengths. Both floor length and short, flirty lengths are part of the 2019 line of evening gowns and prom formal dresses. Full length gowns present a sense of elegance and traditional evening gown beauty. Short skirts allow you to have a more contemporary look with a hint of fun. Both lengths look great on the dance floor as 2019 prom dresses. Whatever length you choose for your prom dress, getting the right shoes is always fun! The 2019 trend for prom shoes is embellished shoes. Cocktail dresses will be very sought for the holidays parties. Silver with rhinestones and glittery gold highlight the bright colors that are in this season. This is the perfect opportunity to complement your dateís height. Flats, small heels, or high heels can all add a touch of your personality and your unique style. Prom dress designers always keep in mind who they are designing for- and thatís you. Designers know that you want to look red carpet glamorous but still be your self. Whether short or tall, busty, or a plus size, designers know what complements your body style. You donít want to spend your special night feeling uncomfortable in a dress that isnít made for your body type, so pick a style you are comfortable in and let your beauty shine through. There are many choices available from top designers. Another aspect of a prom dress to consider is fabric. Adding your own personal spark will make a fabric come alive. From smooth satin, to embellished bodices, to colorful ruffles the touch, feel, and comfort of the fabric your prom dress is made of can add to your overall confidence and poise. When choosing a fabric, consider if you want a fabric that will cling to your curves or move when you dance. Both styles are flattering and part of thefuture prom dress line up.

Prom dresses Accessories

Of course the prom look would not be complete without the right accessories. You should choose your hair style first and then choose earrings to complement your hair style. You can choose earrings that match the color of your prom gown or choose silver or gold. Matching necklaces are very traditional while a necklace that is different than your earrings is trendy and sassy. A prom purse should be just big enough to hold the essentials. Some make-up for touch-ups, a few bobby pins, a safety pin just in case, tickets, and of course your cell phone for pics, video and texting your friend whoís across the room! Clutch purses leave your shoulders free to better show off your dress and they are easy to carry. Choose a clutch that matches your dress or one in a contrasting color to stand out from the crowd. Prom night is about you and your friends! Choosing the right dress is the beginning of your prom journey. Your prom dress determines your hair style, jewelry, shoes, make-up, and of course your date is waiting for the all important call so he can get his outfit to match yours. Remember to be you on prom night! Choose a dress that accents your style, complements your body shape, highlights your best features, and makes a statement about who you are. Make prom night as special as you are with a great dress.

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