White prom dresses and formal gowns

White Dresses

White: not just for wedding gowns! White is a fresh alternative to black if you're looking for a classic neutral color. It can be bright and modern, such as Clarisse Style 2635, or sweet and innocent, such as Clarisse 2642. It is a great summer color and works well for proms and graduations held during the warmer months. Wearing white will ensure that you are a standout at the prom or other special event. Many girls hesitate to wear white; therefore you will be the center of attention just because you have the nerve to wear it! If all the prom dress color options are making your head spin, why not go with white? You can totally do it right in white, whether the ďitĒ is wearing it to a prom, homecoming, elegant dinner date or just about any event. The only time you should not wear white to a formal event is a wedding where youíre not the bride; you wouldnít want to upstage her, after all! And in these white prom dresses from PromGirl.net, you have the ammo to upstage anyone in the room!

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