Tips on Not Going over the Top with Your Formal Outfit

Tips on Not Going over the Top with Your Formal Outfit

There a fine line between making a rocking statement and wearing something so ridiculous you want to crawl under a rock to hide. These tips help steer you to the former with your formal attire.

Don’t load up on feathers or fur. A touch of feathers or fur can add a fun twist to a glamorous outfit, but too much can bring road kill to mind. Feather skirts on cocktail dresses can be a hit, as long as the rest of the dress is very basic and the feathers are not hot pink. Fur trim on a bodice or clutch can work, as long as, once again, the rest of the dress supports the style.

Steer clear of too much matchy-matchy. Pumps in a pattern that matches your dress that matches your clutch that matches your hose would probably be enough to send anyone over the edge. Instead pick one focal point for a jazzy pattern and use the other features to compliment the focal point. Too much matchy-matchy can be particularly hideous with a statement-making print, but it can be pretty awful in heavy handed monochromatic schemes too.

Mind your head. What you choose to wear on your head can easily transform a gorgeous gown into an outfit for a clown. People won’t be able to focus on your gown at all if you go overboard with a top hat, excessive embellishments, or a crown and beehive hairdo.

Keep your look grounded by keeping an eye on these tips, which steer you toward glamorous instead of garish.

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