How Many Peekaboo Cutouts are too Many?

Peekaboo cutouts can be a sexy part of an evening gown, or they can make a very tacky statement. The trick to successfully sporting peekaboo cutouts is to know when a dress simply has too many flashes of skin which turn an attempt at glamour into a major distraction.

  • Too many. You’ll know you’ve gone overboard with peekaboos if your dress looks like shredded beef rather than an evening gown. The shredded beef look comes from straps which seem to crisscross willy-nilly with neither rhyme nor reason.

    Another clue is if you have no clue as to where the straps should go when you’re trying on the dress. You shouldn’t need an engineering degree to figure out how to get into a gown.

  • Too much. You feel vulnerable and exposed. A single cutout can be too much if you are highly uncomfortable with exposing the particular body feature the cutout is designed to expose. You need to be comfortable with a particular body feature in order to be confident wearing a gown that offers a glimpse of it.

    Needing a checklist to review what body parts are exposed is another tipoff that a gown may have too many peekaboos. Less can be much, much more when it comes to sexy and subtle sultriness can reign supreme. Ditch the gown if it shows off your cleavage, your naval, your hips and your back all in a single design.

    The bottom line with peekaboo cutouts is to make sure they only offer subtle glimpses of what lies beneath, not provide a detailed anatomy lesson. You can find more Jovani prom dresses and gowns similar to these sexy evening dresses by browsing our collections.

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