Why a Group Date Can be a Good Thing for Special Events

Why a Group Date Can be a Good Thing for Special Events

Why a Group Date Can be a Good Thing for Special Events

A one-on-one date can be an intense and nerve-racking experience, especially if you are not too well acquainted with your date and have no clue what to talk about. Add a group date to the mix and you also add a slew of benefits.

More conversation. You won’t have as many awkward silences in a group setting as you could have one-on-one with your date. Chances are someone in the group will have something to say at any given time.

Less pressure. In addition to taking the strain off of finding things to talk about, a group date can take the pressure off the entire situation. A group setting can give off a much more casual and fun vibe than a nerve-racking one-on-one date. You also have a chance to chat with your girlfriends in the bathroom to assess how the evening is going and get advice or suggestions if needed.

Group discounts. You’ll save money on gas by carpooling, perhaps even enough to carpool in a limo! A group date on prom night lets you splurge on items that may otherwise be out of your price range by having everyone chip in to cover the costs. In addition to having enough resources to rent a limousine, you may be able to get group discounts on corsages, boutonnieres or other related items and services.

If you do want some one-on-one time with your date, you can always carve out an intimate corner at the event, and you’ll still have the group for support and to help make your evening even more special and entertaining.

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