Celebrity Trends that Bombed with Fabrics

Satin, tulle, lace, velvet and taffeta are all luxurious and glorious fabrics that can absolutely make your evening gown dazzle. Then there are other fabrics, as pointed out in Seventeen magazine, that for one reason or another just donít make the cut.

  • The garbage bag look. While itís unclear exactly what type of fabric Ke$ha was wearing as part of her deep-cleavage, high-slit floor-length gown, its overall effect was a shredded garbage bag. Long strands of black and silver accents hung down from the all-black dress, reminding one of cheap plastic streamers or strips of thin-cut duct tape.

  • The wrinkled crinkled crummy look. Kristen Stewart ended up in a look similar to the garbage bag look, although her short, strapless black cocktail dress had the added bonus of a poufy skirt. While some fabrics are designed to sport a wrinkled texture, none should look as if you just grabbed your dress from a small crawl space under your bed.

  • The putrid pattern. Lady Gagaís infamous meat dress made the cut on Seventeenís worst-dressed prom list, and itís no wonder. While the dress bombed for many reasons, although it did merit the attention Gaga was probably going for, itís the pattern you can learn from. Any pattern that resembles raw meat, vomit or tends to remind you of any other bodily excrement is not the pattern to pick for your prom.

    Whatever fabric you choose for your formal attire, make sure itís clean, attractive and wrinkle free, and learn not to dress like these celebrities did!

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