Ballerina Dresses versus Ball Gowns

Gals who love the traditional fairy tale look will find it in both the ballerina dress and the ball gown styles of evening gowns. Both classics have similar traits, with subtleties that can make one stand out for you.

Silhouette. The ballerina dress and the ball gown have similar silhouettes, at least until it comes to the length. Both feature a form-fitting bodice, shapely waist and a full skirt. While the ball gown’s skirt typically reaches the floor, the ballerina skirt typically stops in the middle of the calf. The shorter length makes it a shade less formal, although the ballerina style is still dressy enough to work at the most elegant affairs.

What they emphasize. Thanks to the body-hugging bodice and fitted neckline, both dresses are superb at showing off your arms, shoulders and chest. Your waist also gets attention, especially if the gown features an embellishment or sash around the middle. Due to its shorter cut in the middle of the calf, the ballerina gown also places an emphasis on the lower legs and ankles.

What they hide. The full, bell-shaped skirts are great at hiding too-ample hips, thighs and derrieres, with the ball gown’s full-length skirt offering the added bonus of hiding the legs.

Those with heavier bottoms can do well in either gown, although the ballerina dress can look a bit awkward on taller frames and the ball gown can swallow up smaller ones. Both the ballerina dress and ball gown have the power to enchant, and these tips can help you decide which one works best for you.

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