Bad Habits to Avoid at Formal Events

Some bad habits are overlooked at home or school, but they won’t be at a formal event. The best way to avoid them is to be aware of them, then do your best to refrain from indulging. You may be able to help yourself out by leaving your cell phone and bubblegum at home.

Excessive cell phone use. Cell phones can be disruptive, rude and illustrate you are more interested in someone at the other end of the line than the people right in front of you.

Gum chewing. Loud, obnoxious and potentially messy, gum chewing is better left for places other than grand ballrooms surrounded by elegant evening wear and formal attire. Gum can make you spit when you speak, drool when you laugh, or mumble when you try to articulate. Cracking it is annoying to all those around you.

Loud talking. Your voice can be as loud and obnoxious as your gum. Keep your voice level loud enough to be heard by the person to whom you are speaking but not loud enough to be heard by the next couple or table. Never yell across the room.

Interrupting others. If you want to enter a conversation, do so only if invited. Never barrel into a private chat with your unsolicited input or opinions.

Double-dipping. If hors-d’oeuvres and dip are part of your elegant food lineup, keep it classy by refraining from double dipping, or sticking a piece of food back in the dip after you’ve already taken a bite of the food.

Keep the attention on your gorgeous gown and elegant coiffure where it belongs. A formal affair is a time for elegance all around, and these tips help make sure that includes your habits.

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