Clarisse size chart

Clarisse size chart


To take your measurements:

1. Measure the fullest past of the bust- do not go by your bra size!

2. Measure the smallest part of the waist, 2" above the bellybutton.

3. Measure the fullest part of the hips, around your buttocks.

Tips to get the most accurate size:

- Have someone help take your measurements! It is very tricky to measure yourself accurately.

- Stand straight, with your feet a small, comfortable distance apart.

- Make sure that the measuring tape is parallel to the floor

- Do not take your measurements while wearing bulky layers such as a push up bra or loose sweatshirt

- Measure twice to make sure the numbers are correct!

Remember, most women's measurements do not follow a size chart perfectly! If you are between sizes, always order up! It is easier to have a tailor take the dress in rather than let it out.

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