How to Convert an Outfit from School Day to Date Night

How to Convert an Outfit from School Day to Date Night

Sometimes, there is just not time in the day to go home and change between events. You go from school, to practice, to date night and never have time to go home and change in between. That does not mean that you have to wear the same boring outfit. Take a few key accessories in your bag, and transform your outfit from preppy to party in minutes.

The basics

The key to wearing an outfit that is easily transformed from day wear to evening wear is simplicity. You have to start with something really basic, with a classic shape, and then use layers to disguise it. Select a black dress, with a contemporary shape. Something with spaghetti straps, or a tube dress with no straps will work well.

Making it School Appropriate

Use a blazer, cardigan or button down blouse to cover the top of the dress. Essentially you will be using the dress as a skirt, with an upper layer forming the top of the outfit.

If you use a blouse over the dress, consider using a wide belt to bring it in at the waist. Pair this with a pair of sensible shoes. Consider a pair of nice flats, or sandals for day wear. Finish it off with a simple set of stud earrings and a basic hairstyle like a high ponytail with a bump.

Converting it to Night Wear

Converting this outfit into a hot date night piece is as simple as changing up the accessories. Shed the over layer so that you are back down to that classic dress. If it is too immodest, or to cool for your evening plans, then put a cute shrug over it to cover the shoulders.

Add accessories to dress up the outfit including bangle bracelets, a statement necklace and larger earrings. Put on a more formal, or more sassy, pair of shoes; consider a set of animal print heals, knee high boots, or open toe flats. Pull your hair up into an up-do to finish off the look, or let your hair down, and rat it up so that it has volume behind a thin headband.

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