Mermaid Gowns versus Sheath Gowns

Mermaid gowns and sheath gowns share similar traits that make them both daring and dazzling, but the mermaid gown takes the dazzle up a notch with its playful burst of skirt. Comparing the two modern styles side-by-side can help you choose the one that works best for you.

Silhouette. Both the mermaid gown and sheath gown share a long, lean and body-hugging fit. Both styles leave nothing to the imagination as they cling tightly to every curve. While the sheath dress keeps its long and lean silhouette from the top of the bodice to the bottom hem, the mermaid gown features a skirt that flares at the knee area.

Length. Sheath dresses can be short and sweet, floor-length and fab, or cut anywhere it between. Mermaid gowns, on the other hand, need to reach to floor to offer the full fishtail effect that makes the gown so unique.

What they accentuate. Your entire physique takes center stage, with hourglass figures working especially well for a glamorously sexy look. Neither gown is a good choice for hiding any flaws as there’s nowhere to hide them! Anyone who is top-heavy, bottom-heavy or not fond of showing off every detail of her shape may want to opt for different type of dress.

Embellishments are wide open for either gown, with beading, lace, gemstones and embroidery all fair game. Funky patterns and fabrics can also be part of the mix for the mermaid gown and sheath, as can a statement-making, contrasting mermaid skirt.

If you want to go wild with a body-hugging style, the sheath and the mermaid gown can provide it!

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