How to Do Your Hair in a French Twist

If you’re looking to add a bit of “oo, la, la!” to your formal look, you can do it with the French twist because you should look gorgeous for your prom or homecoming party. This timeless hairstyle has graced plenty of famous heads throughout the years and it’s not that tough to do once you get the hang of it. The only requirements are hair that is at least medium length, a bit of coordination, and a bastion of bobby pins. Ready?

Comb your hair back and up, gathering at the crown of your head as if you were making a top-knot ponytail.

Pretend you’re putting the ponytail holder about one-third of the way up the full length of your hair. Hold one hand on the hair in that position.

Use your other hand’s middle finger to turn the ends of the ponytail into a neat roll that sits firm against your scalp.

Stick a big pin down the center of the roll, securing the roll to your scalp. Use additional pins to secure the sides and bottom of the roll to your scalp.

Stay sleek or pull a few stray hairs out to frame your face for that tousled look.

Spray for extra hold. Bring extra pins for emergencies. Practice is the key to getting a French twist that doesn’t look like a deflated croissant. Try it with a pal if it seems too impossible at first.

Credit goes to the book “388 Great Hairstyles” for the basic instructions on the look, but the wows from the crowd will be all because of your own twist!

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