Behavior to Avoid at a Formal Event

Even if you look like a veritable princess in your outfit, you could easily turn into the wicked witch if you engage in taboo behavior. There are some things you should just not do at formal gatherings.

Fight. Your date is acting like a jerk. Your best friend just insulted your shoes. You just learned someone posted one big nasty comment about your dress. Breathe deep, relax your shoulders, and let it go. At least during the event. You can deal with the issue later, when you’re not in a room full of people and wearing a fancy gown. Fighting in a prom dress looks stupid. It could also rip your dress.

Make loud bodily noises. It seems a no-brainer that people would realize not to belch, scream or pass gas at an elegant event. But there’s no harm in a gentle reminder. If you have the urge to belch, scream or pass gas, please excuse yourself and do it outside, or at least go lock yourself in a bathroom stall.

Eat spaghetti. If your event includes dinner, take special care when choosing what to eat. Things like spaghetti, spare ribs and tomato soup are known to make messes. So are nachos, hot wings and other sloppy finger foods. Salads, too, can be a hazard. The veggie chunks can be too big to fit in your mouth without a struggle or end up between your teeth.

These tips can help keep you looking like a princess all night long. You can always eat spaghetti, but you only get one chance to shine at your prom.

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