Celebrity Trends in Floor-Length Gowns

Floor-length gowns can always be a fashionable and ultra-glamorous way to sashay into your big event, and you can take cues from celebrities that sweep all eyes in their direction. The United Kingdom’s International Business Times did a rundown on celebrities who rocked the red carpet in floor-length gowns and shared the secrets to their success.

“Modesty is the new sexy.” This trend came right from the top, a la Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton, who eschewed cleavage and strappy dresses for an elegant, full-length gown. Other celebs have embraced the philosophy that less is more when it comes to style.

Keep it simple. An ongoing theme for Middleton and others who jumped on the full-length gown bandwagon was to keep it simple all around. They opt for solid colors rather than busy prints, simple necklines rather than plunging bodices, and minimal accessories so they would not clog up their look with unnecessary distractions. The overall vibe is clean, crisp and drop-dead gorgeous.

Let your personality shine through. Simple does not have to mean boring, nor does it have to mean a look that blends into the crowd. You can take another cue from other celebs who still let their personality have a say in their overall elegant outfits. Kate Hudson did it by picking purple sequins as her fabric of choice for her full-length gown while actress Cate Blanchett did it with a floor-length gown embellished with black feathers.

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