Beauty Tips from Miss America

Earning the Miss America title consists of more than just standing around looking gorgeous in swim suits and evening attire, but beauty is still a major player in the competition. The MTV network collected a number of beauty tips from several Miss America contenders and here’s what the lovely ladies had to say.

  • Smile. A smile has long been touted as the ultimate fashion accessory for any occasion, but it can easily be forgotten when you’re wrapped up in nerves and a formal gown. A true smile exudes confidence and the proof that you’re having fun; there is nothing more gorgeous than that!

  • Less is more with makeup. Let your natural beauty shine through by keeping a light hand with the makeup. This doesn’t mean you can’t use concealer to hide an ill-timed blemish or enhance your natural beauty with tasteful touches of drama and color. But it does mean not to overpower your face or pile on cosmetics that leave you looking more clownish than gorgeous.

  • If your hair won’t cooperate, sleek it back for instant glam! Bad hair days have a sneaky way of showing up when you need them least, like on the evening of your prom. Don’t fret, comb it back, adding a light touch of gel or hairspray for durable hold. Secure longer hair into a low pony secured with an elegant clip.

    Miss America type beauty tips work famously for an elegant evening, but they also go far beyond the evening to supplement your beauty regimen every single day of your life! All dresses and prom gowns are so much fun! Shine in a short dress or dress up in a dramatic long dress. Whatever your personality, you are sure to stand out in a wonderful homecoming dress this fall!

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