Scala size chart

Scala size chart


Selecting a Scala Prom Dress for My First Prom!

This year is the first year I will be able to attend prom! I am so excited! The most wonderful guy asked me out and I couldn't be happier! Now I need an absolutely perfect prom dress! I have to outshine all the other girls. I want a style that will really flatter my figure. I decided that I must have a halter prom dress. Halter prom dresses are just perfect! The way the fit around the waist will really flatter my waist and bust. I am going to get a really short halter dress. I want one that will show a lot of leg! I also want it to be pink with some added sparkle! I have been shopping around online and have selected a few that I really like! The hard part will be picking out which one to get! They are all so pretty! At least I was able to decide on the style! One of the hottest styles this year is the halter dresses. My daughter and all of her friends are all looking at these styles and picking out which colors they are going to wear. We have been to several different stores and they all want to do a color coordinated night of Scala halter prom dresses. I think they are cute and as long as they aren't mini skirts, they are some of the more modest dresses. The cut in the back can be high or low, just depending on the designer. We have even found some very affordable halter dresses for prom in our searches. The girls go absolutely wild when they see a rack of these dresses in a store. They are so excited and talk about all the shoes, jewelry, hair and makeup that go along with prom, too. I think the girls are going to look amazing and have a great time at prom.

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