Celebrity Trends that Bombed on the Red Carpet

Celebrities are certainly not above making major fashion faux pas, and the Moviefone website caught three of them with its coverage of the 2012 Oscars.

  • Being eaten alive. A dress that suits your frame is a must for looking your best, or at least not looking like the gown is about to eat you alive. The latter was the case for Emma Stone who went for a floor-length dress with a massive bow at the neckline. The bow overpowered the dress and the dress, in turn, overpowered the actress.

  • Busting out of peekaboo. On the flip side of the spectrum, a gown that doesn’t have the oomph to cover your frame can be just as hideous. This faux pas went down with the peekaboo gown on Viola Davis which got major boos for too much peeking. Her ample bust line was busting out of the dress, which was straining to contain what it should have been gracefully covering.

  • Bad print error. Prints are a hot trend, with gowns in patterns that range from plaid to camouflage, but just because something is a trend does not mean it will always be successful. Just ask Natalie Portman who bombed in a full-length glamour gown done up in red with black polka dots. Prints work best with a style that was designed for the pattern, such as a cutesy cocktail dress, not a formal sheath gown.

    Keeping your trends in check and making sure your gown fits are two ways to avoid mistakes already very publicly made by celebrities.

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