How to Pick Accessories for Your Elegant Gown

They say “God is in the details,” but “they” may have never had the dilemma of picking the perfect accessories for their formal gowns! Go for accessories that match your look by reviewing the overall mood you want to convey.

The clutch. For elegant gowns, clutches are where it’s at. Some come with attached straps so you don’t lose them when you use the bathroom, but the general rule is to keep your look clean without distracting purse straps. Simple dresses do not necessarily need simple clutches. You can go wild with a clutch that compliments the dress but makes its own statement.

The hair stuff. Hair accessories can do the double duty of hiding a bad hair day! Romantic looks often work with babies’ breath, small flowers or dainty jewels infused through the hairdo. Tough-girl looks can work with a hard-hitting, gem or studded hairclip. Fun and funky comes with larger, colorful flowers or gems. Never add fruit.

Headbands. Headbands are big-impact enough to merit their own category. Be careful with headbands, as they make it way too easy to end up looking like a misplaced hippie. A delicate forehead band can enhance a romantic look. Dark and dazzling bands in the center of the head can boost a tough-girl vibe. Fun and funky can benefit from the 1950s-inspired headbands that pull the hair back from the face and let it cascade behind you.

Whatever accessories you choose, don’t wear them if you feel foolish. Only go for those that pump you with confidence while adding one more layer of dazzle.

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