Empire Gowns versus A-Line Gowns

Empire gowns and A-line gowns are very similar and equally as glam! Both are flattering to a wide range of body types for their stellar ability to hide various flaws. The biggest difference between the two is the silhouette.

Silhouette. Empire gowns are cut tighter at the top then typically gather right beneath the bust line and flow into a fuller skirt. A-line gowns are also more form-fitting at the top but instead of being gathered below the bust, the skirt flows gently outward to create an A shape for the silhouette.

Length. Any length goes the empire gown while A-lines generally stay on the shorter side. A longer A-line runs the risk of turning you into a giant triangle. Longer empire gowns can be classy, but they run the risk of making the entire lower body shapeless if the gown is too large.

What they accentuate. The upper body is the focus for both the empire and A-line gown; the body-hugging bodices make sure of that. The gowns are a great choice for accentuating your arms, shoulders, back and bust line. While this can work for many frames, anyone who would rather not accentuate heavier arms or a large chest area may want to go for a different style of dress.

What they hide. Because both gowns flare out into a wider skirt, both are wonderful for hiding heavier hips, thighs and buttocks.

Both gowns feature a timeless style that never goes out of vogue, and that style may be just right for your body type and special event.

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