Learn how to look like a PROM QUEEN

Learn how to look like a PROM QUEEN


Learn how to look like a fashion star and let your prom queen style shine. Learn how to find the perfect style and fit, so you can look your best and stand out from the rest at the prom 2011.

Going to the prom is one of the most memorable special occasions that will stay with you for the rest of you life. I still can remember my prom like it was yesterday.

Every girl's dream is to look like a princess at her prom and now you're are going to learn how to look like a prom queen and make your body look its best.

You can spend all day looking at what the models are wearing in magazines, but that won't necessarily help you. You need to find a dress that helps you look your best and makes you look like a true prom queen. That means fixing figure flubs as well as playing up your bodyís personal bests.

Even though the princess theme is the prevailing look this fall, there is room to add some uniqueness to the dress without going crazy.

First what you need to do is find the right dress style that works best with your body. Below are some helpful tips to assist you in choosing the style that is best for you:

How do I get my hips to look smaller? Find a dress with a full-skirted ball gown or any gown that draws the focus upward. With this style, eyes will be off your hips, and everyone will be focusing on your slim waist. You've got gorgeous curves, so show them off! Try sheaths and other super fitted cuts, or V-necks, which lead the eye downward.

How do I make my figure look more curvy? Since so many girls would die for a skinny figure, consider showing yours off in a fitted style like a sheath. If you want to look a little sexier, try an A-line style. It'll show off your slender frame while also creating the illusion of curvaceousness with a fuller skirt. Donít buy a prom dress that is strapless or any halter styles if your collarbones and shoulders are on the bony side -- they'll make you look even skinnier.

How do I hide or flatten my Tummy? Empire-waist gowns will give you a long, slim look or you can try a gown with a corset-style bodice, which will shape your waistline while focusing on that nice bust of yours. Donít get a princess-cut prom gowns, basque waists, and sheaths; these will draw attention to your midsection. Also avoid sashes and horizontal stripes.

What if my arms are a little on the heavy side? Go for dresses with short sleeves, off-the shoulder necklines, or see-through lace sleeves all of which will camouflage upper arms that aren't super shapely. Look for a dress that has a sweetheart neckline, which will draw attention to your bust instead of your arms. Donít get a gown that is sleeveless, strapless, or any spaghetti-strap dresses. If you have your hearts set on a strapless style, look for a dress that comes with a wrap or find one that goes with your gown.

I need to look taller what should I do? Shorter girls look good in sheaths and A-lines. It's best to keep it simple, and these silhouettes will help you add some length. Donít get a big ball gown -- if you're on the small side, too much dress will look overwhelming. Trust me I know!! Use one the red formal dresses from the Clarisse collection.

How do I make my butt smaller? A strapless ball gown or any other full-skirted style will hide your butt. Look for a corset-style or other type of fitted bodice. A slim waistline plus a flared skirt equals a sexy hourglass figure! Donít go for the sheath styles or anything made with extra-large clingy material. It will make your butt look bigger.

And remember, be sure to shop early. You want to make sure you give yourself enough time to order a dress, if the store doesn't have your size stocked. That way they can order you one and youíll have plenty of time to receive it. You also want to make sure you allow yourself enough time for any alterations that need to be done. Donít stress yourself by shopping last minute and then not being able to get what you want in time for your big day.

Also, be open-minded. While you might not like the way a dress looks on the hanger, it could look great once you have it on. This has happened to me and many others while shopping.

Most important - Have fun! This is your big day and shopping for a dress is one of the most exciting parts! So enjoy yourself and have a ball!

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