Look 15 pounds slimmer

Look 15 pounds slimmer


Look 15 pounds Slimmer

Always remember that while the dress may be stunning on the hanger or the model, what you want is for it to look stunning on you! So you must choose the best prom dress for your body type. Here's how:

First determine your exact measurements; for the best accuracy this should be done without clothing. Using a cloth measuring tape carefully measure your bust, your waistline, and your hips at their widest point. Write these three numbers down on a piece of paper.

Next determine your body type. If your bust, and hips are close in size and your waistline has very little indentation when you look at yourself in the mirror, you have what is called an H body type, straight up and down. Scroll down to see how you can add more of a curve to your body type.

If your waist is the largest measurement of the three, you have a round body type. Scroll down to find out how to minimize the roundness of your body type.

An A body type has a small bust, average waist and larger hips. You can see tips on how to balance the bust and hip measurements by scrolling down.

An hourglass body type will have a large bust, curvy hips, and a narrow waist. See how to make your figure look elegant and classy!

H Body Type: Your job in finding flattering prom dresses, is to accentuate the bust line or shoulder area as well finding a dress with draping around the hips. Princess seams, slip dresses, A-lines, and empire waists, as well as bell, long-fitted or ruffled sleeves will help you accomplish this. Avoid strapless.

Round Body Type: Look for dresses that take the emphasis away from your mid-section, such as drop waist or no waist dresses. Accentuate your gorgeous legs and slender arms with shoes, hosiery or a long strand of pearls.

A Body Type: Your challenge is to emphasize the upper body as well as the waistline to help balance any disproportion. Do this by wearing large dangling earrings or a dress with eye catching upper body details! Make sure your bodice details are full enough to accentuate the upper body.

Hourglass Body Type: Your body type is the most womanly; so you want to dress in a more modest way to avoid the tendency of looking tacky or trashy. Dressing your figure in a classic style, can look absolutely fabulous because you are already well balanced in a very feminine way!

15 Ways to Look 10 Pounds Thinner!

1. A Monochrome (all in one color) dress elongates the body, making you look slimmer.

2. Dark muted colors will also make you look thinner. Not everyone should wear black though, so think shimmery deep gray, silver, wine, raisin, burgundy, forest green, russet, midnight blue, golden brown, cocoa, cranberry or eggplant. Try our free color analysis!

3. Neutral colors such as black, silver, gray, beige, taupe and gold, will make you appear taller and more slender.

4. Long straight skirts or formal dresses - be sure the skirt is not too tight around your behind!

5. Look for vertical lines in the fabric or pattern. Overall effect should be up/down.

6. Materials that skim along the contour of your body, nothing clingy.

7. A slight empire waist makes your lower body look longer.

8. Matching shoes - or shoes that are the same tone as your dress.

9. Heels-give the illusion of length to the leg.

10. Hosiery that is as dark as the dress and shoes help to create one long line.

11. A long necklace or no necklace at all will make the neck look longer and slimmer

12. Low cut dress makes the neckline appear longer, but too low is trashy so be cautious.

13. Hair that is pulled back or swept up off the neck, sometimes referred to as an updo!

14. Slim long, simple sleeves

15. Fabrics that drape and move with the body, think: soft, fluid, graceful movement.

15 Things to avoid

1. Two tone dresses as in one color up top and one color down below cuts the sleek line in half.

2. Belts and frilly accessories at the widest part of your torso

3. Bright or pastel colors in the dress. Clear, pure colors like red, blue, yellow, orange, green, and purple tend to add pounds. Use the above colors in your accessories, like a shawl, earrings, barrettes or glitter in the hair.

4. Sparkles or sequins on the dress are alright as long as it doesn't cover the entire body.

5. Horizontal lines in the cut or the fabric.

6. Fabrics that cling or are too tight can make you look chubby.

7. Fluffy, flouncy or ruffly gathered skirts add pounds.

8. Contrasting shoes, if your shoes are lighter or darker than your dress, can add pounds.

9. Chunky shoes that will make your legs look chunky, too.

10. Light colored hosiery which breaks the line from dress to shoe.

11. Busyness at the neckline, like big jewelry or ruffles.

12. Hair hanging down over the neck breaks up the sleekness of the neck. Think updo!

13. Full sleeves

14. Stiff or bulky fabric

15. Shiny material like satin, all-over sequins taffeta or metallics. Save the metallics for the accessories.

Author: GG Flower of Shop 4 prom Home of the Free Makeover

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