Channel Marilyn Monroe for Your Formal Affair

Marilyn Monroe is one of the most well-known Hollywood goddesses of all time, and you can channel her look for your next prom or formal dance. The trick is not to go overboard or too blatantly obvious with her look, but picking up on specific aspects that can make you sizzle.

What not to do. The first order of business is to avoid elements that will make you look more like a caricature than a goddess. Unless your hair is already blond, don’t run out and dye it just to nab the Monroe look. The same goes for facial moles. Do not add one with a dollop of eyeliner for your formal affair unless you want to spend the evening hearing people say you have something stuck to your face.

Gown. One of Monroe’s notorious looks is the full-skirted ballerina gown billowing up over the subway grate. Go for it if you want it! Channel the look big time by opting for the gown in a brilliant white or sweet pastel and opting for a sexy halter bodice. This silver screen beauty’s hourglass figure has also been highlighted in body-hugging, floor-length gowns. A sultry sheath dress or modern mermaid gown can work equally well on your hourglass figure, too!

Shoes and accessories. Monroe dazzled from her head to her toes, so make sure your accessories do the same. Strappy, high-heeled metallic pumps and an embellished clutch can capture the glam to a tee.

When it doubt for a look to rock, these tips make Marilyn a gorgeous formal dress inspiration!

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