Prom shoe Maui from Colloriffics

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Prom shoe Maui from Colloriffics
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Maui prom dress by Coloriffics are a shoe lovers dream!!! This prom heel will dress up any gown for any social event. Put your best foot forward in the Maui heel. Shoes can stylishly top off your gown, or they can make you look like a clown. Your goal is to go for a pair of shoes that compliments your look while they still let you dance the night away. Here are some tips will get you off on the right foot.

Style. Styles are wide open, but a lot depends on the season. Open-toed, strappy sandals are grand. Unless, of course, itís snowing. Closed toes pumps are always in vogue and work especially well in foul weather. And nothing is wrong with a jazzy pair of flats. Just make sure theyíre jazzy and donít look like those slip-ons you wear to walk the dog.

Color. Black may go with everything, unless that everything is a formal dress. If youíre decked out in a white, champagne or pastel gown, black shoes look clunky and crummy. Opt for a color that matches or enhances the gown. White with white works, while champagne goes with tan, and pastels can work with silver or light gold.

Ability to walk. Perhaps even more important than the style and color is your ability to walk in them. If you canít walk in your snazzy shoes without tripping, stumbling or falling flat on your face, you donít want them. If you can walk, but theyíre killing your feet, you donít want them, either. Try out your new shoes by wearing them around the house in short increments. Walk on carpet so you can return them if you fall before you take more than six steps.

The right shoes will let you stand proud in your formal gown and dance the night away!
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