Mermaid Prom Dresses for Prom 2018

Mermaid gowns for 2018

Mermaid gowns for 2018
Mermaid gowns for 2018Mermaid gowns for 2018Mermaid gowns for 2018

Mermaid gowns are the next big trend for prom 2018

Fashion world never gets tired of introducing new trends or re-inventing old trends. Mermaid gowns are making a comeback in the year 2018. Here are some of the most elegant and fashionable ensembles from Clarisse 2018 Couture collection that you can flaunt on any occasion without having a dimeís doubt.

Clarisse 4950 Black Rose mermaid gown is perfect for the dinner night that you have long been waiting for with your significant other. The gown features a sequenced bodice with a flared bottom. Furthermore, it has a seductive deep boat neck that perfectly captures oneís femininity and features a back with a diamond-shaped cutout at the waist that highlights your curves as oneís dress should. We advise you buy this dress to add the extra spice to your love life because with such finesse and panache no one stands a chance of not falling on to you.

Another piece from Clarisse Couture collection that we really admire is the Gold Silver 4960 mermaid gown which is sequence parade. It is elegantly shaped to embrace your body in a warm hug and make all those curves that you have spent hours working out in the gym to show off vividly. Presenting a sleeveless, deep slit neck and across lace back 4960 is a gown that one can wear to wedding as well as any red carpet or high profile event. Due to its neutral colors, the styling has become easier. One can accessorize the dress with high contrast green emerald jewelry and steal the show. We highly recommend that you carry a statement clutch with this dress because the gown in itself monochromatic, adding a pinch of color will really bring out the real beauty of the dress.

If you are not going to any high profile event or you donít like sequence that much then this ensemble meets all your needs. The 4955 dress features a mermaid full-length skirt with a floral off shoulder top. Itís available in both neutral shades of black and white. It is tailored to perfection, from flares to draping neckline. This dress can be worn at tea parties and birthdays as itís a semi-formal dress. You can add tussle earrings to add a little more sass to the dress along with bracelets or bangles whichever goes with your style.

Clarisse couture collection has a wide range of dresses to choose from, so do check her out- we are more than confident that youíll end up buying more than one dress!

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