5 Accessory Must-Have for Heading Back To Campus

5 Accessory Must-Have for Heading Back To Campus

No outfit is complete without a few accessories. Accessories are what tie the individual pieces of clothing including dresses together, and give you a signature, or unique, look. Consider these five simple, but essential, accessories to give every outfit a finished look.

1. A watch

Watches are an important fashion accessory for a number of reasons. When heading back to school, they can not only keep you from being tardy to class, but also make a statement about your style. A watch that is mostly rubber says you are sporty. A watch that is delicate and feminine sets precedence for high fashion, and ladylike design. Select a watch that complements most of what you wear, and that makes a statement about who you are, and what you like.

2. Sunglasses

Sunglasses are the most popular fashion accessory on the market and, although it is past Labor Day, there is still plenty of sunshine for shade wearing. Cat eye sunglasses are a great retro fashion product popular this fall. Look for sunglasses that complement your face shape and that look good, not only on your face but, on your head when worn like a headband.

3. Wide belt

A cute dress or shirt that is too wide at the waist cloaks your natural curves. Use a wide belt to draw attention to the smallest part of your waist, and accentuate your best features. Wide belts are best purchased in basic colors like black, brown and white that coordinate with several pieces well.

4. A purse that pops

A purse is a great place to store your personal items, and to add a pop of color to an otherwise plain outfit. Look for a purse that has a classic shape, pockets that meet your needs, and a design that offers a splash of neon or bold color.

5. Light Scarf

Scarfs were once popular as a way to cover a woman’s hair when she was riding in an open car or carriage. This basic accessory has recently made a major comeback in fashion, and has been seen on stars like Miley Cyrus, Kim Kardashian, and Jessica Alba. Look for a scarf with an interesting texture, pattern, or print. They make even the most basic outfit really interesting, and can be worn in a variety of ways, including as a headband or belt.

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