Celebrity Color Trends You Can Rock at Your Formal Dance

Two color trends on the red carpet are at opposite ends of the impact spectrum, with sizzling brights getting equal time with pretty pastels. While the brights may be more eye-catching at a glance, either trend can turn heads in your direction. Picking between the two can be simple if you follow these tips.

Sizzling brights. Celebrities are donning a rainbow of bright colors, including blazing blue, passionate purple, fiery fuchsia and sizzling orange, any of which can equally rock at your prom or dance. Brights are best for those aiming for a modern and flashy look, with the color particularly hot on short cocktail dresses, modern sheath dresses and mermaid gowns.

To make sure you don’t overdo the brights, keep your jewelry and accessories toned down and not necessarily monochromatic. There is such a thing as too much sizzling orange, after all! Go with neutrals for your shoes or clutch to keep them out of the limelight, letting the captivating color take center stage.

Pretty pastels. Pastels are another rage you can rock, especially if you enjoy a more subtle and delicate vibe. Choices include bubblegum pink, luscious lavender, and marvelous mint green. Pastels consistently show up on ball gowns, ballerina gowns and other traditional styles, giving off the princess vibe.

Keep the pastels delicate with strappy shoes and a light-hued clutch. Opt for graceful jewelry that adds a hint of shimmery silver or glinting gold to the mix. These tips can help you decide between the bold or subtle hues, as can your personality, skin tone and mood.

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