How to Create the Smokey Eye Look for your Prom Party

The smokey eye look does not mean the red-eyed, teary-faced look you get from being blasted in the face with car exhaust. No. The smokey look is a sizzling, sultry look that adds a bit of mystery and drama to your makeup scheme. Smokey eyes have been smoking all over the runway and a hot trend on the scene for some time. It’s also pretty easy to do with some tips from Marie Claire magazine. You should look really good at your prom or homecoming party.

Prep your eyelids by gently rubbing a thin layer of concealer on each. The cream type works to set a smooth foundation for the shadow to come.

Grab a black, grey or other dark pencil eyeliner to set the outer limits. Draw a line along the upper lid near your lashes, extending from one end of the lid to the other. Make a series of small dots along the lower lid near your lashes, also extending the full length of the eye. Grab a cotton swab and gently smudge the eyeliner above and below your eye. You already see the smoke coming!

Swish a dollop of powdered eye shadow over your upper lid and into the eyelid’s crease. Blend the eye shadow up and out from the crease, finishing off the smoking smokey look. Colors that work well are greys, browns and dark green, but you also want to match your outfit’s tones.

Because this look can be extremely dramatic, keep the rest of your makeup minimal. You don’t need your cheeks or lips competing for attention when all eyes will be on your eyes with this sizzling look!

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