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Wondering how to pick the perfect dress for your next formal event? Choose a dress that matches your eye color. This will make your eyes pop and narrow down your searches. Choosing the perfect color for your perfect dress does not need to be an insurmountable task. All skin tones fall into four main categories that correlate with the four seasons, notes Discovery Fit and Health. Simply find your category and then find your dress!

Summer. Rosy pink tones denote a summertime beauty. Dress colors that do you justice include any soft pastel that plays up the pink. Lavender, bubblegum and sky blue are at your service.

Winter. Pale skin, yellowish skin and darker skin all go into the winter category. Darker skin with pink or blue undertones is the norm for this group, which looks smashing in sharp, dramatic colors. Think black or deep blue.

Spring. Light skin, freckles and light body hair usually put you in the spring category. Your best bet here is blues, greens and yellows to make the most dramatic and smashing effect. Black and white can wash you out.

Fall. Fall skin typically falls to those with brown or red hair. Their best colors include brown and orange, although you may not find the best dresses in such colors. Any earthy tone can be complimentary, which opens the door for deep greens and sizzling gold. Black or white is once again not recommended.

Different colors also have different undertones, which can play a part in your selection. Don’t rule out your favorite color altogether if it’s not on your seasonal list. Just find a hue that has the undertones you need to bring out your true beauty.

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