Best Celebrity Trends that Work for Formal Events

Most celebrities are not shy when it comes to sporting trends and, thanks in part to their high-paid stylists, many get them right. Some may even work for you.

Bold patterns. Sizzling patterns are making a splash on the red carpet, whether it’s a fabulous floral, a brilliant bamboo or a playful batch of polka dots. The trick with prints is to keep them the center of attention with a simple cut and toned-down accessories. Also make sure the pattern matches the overall style of the dress. Flirty, short dresses can rock fun and funky patterns, while more formal, floor-length gowns would do better with more classic, yet no less bold, prints.

Elegant embellishments. Prints aren’t the only thing getting bigger and bolder on the red carpet. Some celebrities successfully strut their stuff while adorned in eye-catching embellishments. The trick to embellishments is knowing the difference between eye-catching that makes you the belle of the ball and eye-catching that makes you the laughingstock. A giant, poufy flower on the waistband, for instance, could make you the belle. Six giant, giant poufy flowers scattered all over the dress can send you to the laughingstock arena.

Tasteful Peekaboo. Peekaboo cutouts can add interest and intrigue to your gown, and celebrities that do it right do it tastefully. Tasteful peekaboos give a hint of skin while offering full coverage where necessary. They do not provide major glimpses of the female anatomy.

Trends have their place at formal events, just be sure you place them with the right accessories and moderation.

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