Prom Dress Mori Lee 709

Need to add a touch of sexiness this prom season?? Finding a dress with a slit is sexy and still modest. Also having the perfect pair of shoes helps!! I Found the Best Selection of Halter Formal Gowns

My daughter and I went to the mall last weekend to find her a prom dress. She had a pretty good idea of what she wanted -- a light pink dress that was either sleeveless or a halter-top style -- so we thought that we would be in and out. When we couldn't find anything similar to what she wanted at three stores, I started to get nervous. Knowing my daughter, she would scrap all her plans if she didn't find the right dress. I told her that we should go home and check online for a dress; she agreed, but I could tell she was disappointed. I went online and searched "halter formal gowns" and a great website stocked with hundreds of prom gowns appeared. I called my daughter over excitedly, and we spent about an hour looking at all the gowns. By the end of the night, she actually found herself having to choose between three different dresses.

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