Prom Dress 1987

This little black dress will be your go to staple dress in your closet. With a supportive halter neckline adorned with sequins and a tiered skirt, this party dress is always ready to go. Just switch up your accessories and you've got a little black dress that can be worn to holiday parties, cocktail parties, even prom! My little sister will be graduating high school soon! I could not be happier for her. She has been such a hard worker these last four years. I am not ashamed to say I think she is the brightest, most beautiful young woman I know. She has even already gotten accepted into the college of her choice, so good for her! I want to do something special for her and was thinking that maybe we should look at evening gowns together. My logic is that she loves to dress up and will soon have plenty of reasons to dress up, so why not indulge her with a pretty dress? Ideally it would be useful for multiple situations, though if she finds an evening gown she really loves that is "just for fun" you will not find me denying her. She has worked way too hard for me to shortchange her like that.<

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