How to Choose the Best Tuxedo for Your Date

Coordinating his tuxedo to your dress is one of the main keys to picking a tux, but it is not the only one. Italian designer Janine Giorgenti shares a host of other aspects that are equally important if you want your date to enjoy his outfit as much as heís sure to enjoy yours.

Season. Would you wear a heavy layered gown in the middle of summer? Donít expect your date to wear a wool tux during a heat wave or thin linen during an ice storm. Comfort level is very important, so help him pick a fabric weight that works with the weather. If heís not comfortable, heís likely to be grumpy.

Fit. The fit of the tux plays a huge part in comfort, and it also ensures your date wonít look like a buffoon. Tuxedos that are too big will look like he raided his dadís closet. Those that are too small will look like he raided his little brotherís. Sleeves should not show his wrist bone. Pants should not show his socks. The jacket should not rip when he raises his hands above his head.

Flair. Feeling like a buffoon can be worse than him looking like one. If the tuxedo bothers your date, he may end up self-conscious and once again grumpy. Go for a style and fabric he likes. Encourage him to pick cuff links and other accessories that add his own bit of flair.

Your date should look dashing, but he should also feel confident. These tips help him do both.

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