Mermaid Gowns Versus Princess Gowns

Mermaid gowns and princess gowns can be equally as sizzling, depending on the type of look you want. Mermaid gowns feature a long, lean sheath finished off with a flaring skirt while princess gowns give you some breathing room and camouflage for your hips, buttocks and thighs.

Bodice and body. Form-fitting bodices grace both the mermaid and princess gowns. On the mermaid gown, however, the bodice appears to keep on going. The gown typically hugs the curves from the bust line, through the hips, and down the thighs in a form-fitting sheath. The princess gown’s bodice ends at the waist with a sash, gathered material or other stopping point as the gown changes direction at the skirt.

Skirt. The most obvious difference between the mermaid gown and the princess gown is the lower half of the dress. Mermaid gowns have a skirt that flares out way at the bottom of the long, lean body-hugging sheath while princess gowns have a full, flouncy skirt that begins its flare at the waist.

Embellishments. The field is wide open for embellishments on either gown, although most of the fancy beading and other details end up on the tight-fitting portions of the gown rather than on the skirt areas. The skirts can be airy tulle, layered taffeta tiers, or shimmering satin to finish off the gowns.

Both dress styles can be drop-dead gorgeous; it all depends on the impression you want to make when you sashay into an event!

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