Tiffany evening gown 6520- Wild Dress

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Tiffany evening gown 6520- Wild Dress
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If you are a super-conservative who thinks “wild” means a sequin or two on your hemline, just go for it! Little touches that add a sparkle, sizzle or bit of personality to an otherwise basic gown can make you stand out from the crowd in a good way. Standing out in a not-so-good-way can occur if you opt for wild without asking yourself a few questions.

Will I cringe when I see the photos next year? Wild dresses based on ridiculous fads may be trendy, but they may also be passé by the end of the event. Imagine yourself in a year, or 10 years, looking back at the prom photos. If you think you’re apt to burn the photos, don’t go for that particular dress.

Will I end up a laughingstock on the Internet? We’ve all seen those “really bad prom photos” that circulate. Does your dress look something like any one of those? If yes, ditch it. And for the record, the gowns made of duct tape are usually part of the annual worst dress contest.

Am I half naked? Running around half-naked is OK in certain instances. Like if you’re about 5 years old and somehow escaped from the bathtub. If your dress makes you blush in front of your family members, chances are it may be a bit too revealing. Sometimes half-naked looks are best left for “really bad prom photo” people.

Wild and ridiculous can be awful, but wild and classy can be cool. Review these tips and you’ll lean toward the cool!
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