Surprising Patterns that Work on Evening Gowns

Surprising Patterns that Work on Evening Gowns

Traditional evening gowns might have you thinking solids are the only way to go, but the new, groovy way of designer thinking assures pretty much anything goes!

Camouflage. One of the most well-known prints can make one of the most eye-catching gowns. Go for a fun twist with camouflage by opting for a short cocktail dress or a layered gown that uses subtle hues and gauzy fabrics.

Pollock-inspired prints. Bright, bold and incredible freestyle are what makes Jackson Pollock’s paintings so notable, and you can get the same notability with a gown print that reminds you of the artist’s canvas. The color scheme can be wide open, as long as no hues are clashing or overpowering.

Animal prints. Those who think that leopard print only works on faux fur jackets and throw pillows need to think again. Animal prints can be a smashing success on both short and long dresses, either as the all-over fabric or popping up as strategically placed elements throughout the gown.

How should you wear those surprising prints? The main focus of your outfit should be the pattern itself. That means keeping accessories and jewelry to a subtle minimum and only opting for those that enhance the look. Bold patterns can easily overwhelm you, so make sure the gown fits you perfectly. Anything too long, too baggy or too fussy can drown you out.

While these tips can be essential for picking a print that works, the field is wide open when it comes to patterns that can be a surprising hit if you do them right. A strapless formal dress in aqua, navy or raspberry. This mermaid dress has lightly ruched fabric across the scoop bust and drop waist bodice. With a playful ruffle skirt, this formal dress is perfect for those who love to look sophisticated.

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