Essentials to Pack in Your Party Clutch

Essentials to Pack in Your Party Clutch

You donít need to cram a whole lot into your sweet-but-tiny party clutch, but there are a few essentials that should always come with you to a formal event.

Minimum makeup. The only makeup must is lip balm or lipstick for moisture or touchups. If you must take additional makeup, go for trial sizes or at least the smallest you can find. You donít need to take your entire arsenal; you wonít need it and it takes up too much space.

Bobby pins. If your hair goes into a scare, youíll want something to put it back in its proper place. They can also help pin back hair that is getting flat or sweaty, turning a flattened do into a creative upsweep.

Coin purse. A small change purse is a must for your change, of course, but it can also hold your dollar bills and credit card so you donít have to take along your big, bulky wallet. The coin purse is a good place to put your key, and get it off of that jangly key ring for the night.

Breath mints. A small pack of breath mints can be a lifesaver when your mouth goes dry or starts tasting funky. Stash an aspirin or two in the pack just in case you need to fight a headache, but make sure the aspirin are clearly marked differently than the mints.

Your choice of purse as an accessory to your prom dress or evening gown contributes to your overall image; so be extremely selective and keep your clutch contents to a minimum to project a look that's sleek and lean instead of bulky and ridiculous.

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