Celebrity Formal Dresses that Went Overboard with Glitz

Glitz can be fun! It can also be part of a glamorous look that rocks at your prom or formal event. But it can also be a disaster, evidenced by a Seventeen magazine report that exposed several celebrities who went overboard with the trend.

The Nicki Minaj tinsel factory. Minaj took a little glitz and, well, just kept going. The result was a knee-length, sleeveless dress that combined a busy pink, green and black pattern with gold metallic details, such as a front piece that somewhat resembled rib bones and side pieces that looked like wire wrapped in a gold gift ribbon. Perhaps they were meant to look like hips?

Colbie Caillat’s mean green machine. Color matters always, but it can be especially vital when it comes to the color of your glitz. A lawn-colored green, sequined and shiny mini-dress did not make the cut when Caillat tried it out on the red carpet. It did not help that the bodice barely covered her top, with her chest spilling out from above.

Aly and AJ’s gym sock fiasco. Aly and AJ went glitz with a super-bold, body hugging metallic gold cocktail dress. Super-metallic can work as long as you have the confidence and the right fit. The problem was the footwear, which included cropped socks with high heels.

You can do the glitz right on prom night by learning from these mistakes and keeping your own glitz factor in check. If your dress is shiny and distracting enough to blind you in a rearview mirror, you may want to tone it down a bit.

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