Patterns You Should Never Wear to Formal Events

A number of exotic and fanciful patterns can enhance your gown, while a number of others simply do not work for any formal event. This collection includes some of the latter.

  • Sporty stripes. Celebrities hit the sporty trend hard, dressing up sweats with high heels and bling. While that may work for a Saturday afternoon date, it’s not going to work for an elegant evening.

  • Farm animals. It doesn’t matter how cute you think goats are, do not fall victim to one celebrity trend of wearing animals on your dress. Victoria Beckham was spotted in a casual cat dress and that was bad enough; it gets even worse if you don a gown covered in chickens, pigs or donkeys.

  • Curtain-like florals. There’s a fine line between elaborate floral designs that look smashingly cool on a formal gown and those that make you look like curtains or a couch cushion. If you can imagine any print hanging around a window, skip it. There are plenty of gorgeous florals out there from which to choose.

  • Anything that makes you dizzy. Patterns that are too busy can easily make you dizzy, as can those that are too close together or simply too much. You’ll know a pattern is too much if you either can’t find any shoes and accessories to match or find that every single accessory matches because of the wildly wrong and wide range of colors.

    These tips should not deter you from wearing any patterns whatsoever, just those that never work for a formal event. Save some money on your prom by purchasing a prom dress form an older collection. Stores mark older dresses on sale but they are sometimes still in style. Look for something classic and sexy in a jewel tone color as jewel tones are always in style.

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