Top Ways to Know He’s Not Prom Date Material

Top Ways to Know He’s Not Prom Date Material

Even if a guy has never worn a tux or can’t dance, he may still make an OK date if he’s willing to try. Other traits, however, are definite deal breakers Here are some surefire clues that prove a guy is not prom date material.

He puts down the event in every other sentence. If a guy keeps murmuring things like “Prom stinks,” and “Who wants to hang out with a bunch of dressed-up idiots,” you can probably guess he won’t have much fun at the event. That means neither will you.

He refuses to get dressed up. For anything. Some guys say they are too cool for a tuxedo, and that’s OK. No one is asking them to wear one every day to biology class. Even the coolest of dudes can look even cooler when spruced to the hilt. Try that line on him. If that doesn’t work, you may want to rethink your prom plans. Save that guy for a date to the movies or something.

He’s older than your dad. Age may not matter when it comes to love, but it can matter on prom night. A man in his 30s or 40s may not have as much fun at a high school formal as, say, that cute guy who sits across from you in math class. Actually, a man in his 30s or 40s who would love to go to a prom seems kind of creepy.

Don’t go with someone creepy. Go with a date that will be fun. And keep these tips in mind when you’re picking one!

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