Makeup tips

Makeup tips

Prom Makeup Tips to Enhance Your Natural Beauty

Makeup trends for the Prom season focus on natural beauty, with a hint of drama. To achieve a fabulous face for your big night out, it is best to be yourself, with just an added touch of glamour. You want to dazzle in your short prom dresses and stand out at this fabulous event, without going overboard. There are many prom makeup suggestions that can be used to enhance your beauty, while also supplying a bit of red carpet glam for a dazzling effect.

Prom Makeup Suggestions for Composing a Prom Perfect Face

Before deciding on a makeup plan, be sure to consider both your prom dress and hairstyle. Clashing makeup colors and dress hues are a big no-no when it comes to prom makeup. A coordinating makeup and prom dresses scheme is essential when attending any formal event. You don’t want to end up on your prom’s “What Was She Thinking?” list. Also, decide whether you would like to highlight your eyes or lips. Highlighting both eyes and mouth is a huge makeup faux pas. When choosing what to attribute, think of the feature you are complimented on most. Do you have the full, pouty lips of Angelina Jolie, or the bright, gleaming eyes of Cameron Diaz? When making your final choice, remember to keep the makeup soft and subtle.

Prom makeup suggestions for the eyes involve a trendy runway style, sure to be hot for the season and complement any colection of prom dresses. To achieve this glamorous, top model look, use an eye shadow as liner, and smudge it towards the crease. Do this all the way around your eyes, both top and bottom. The most popular colors for this technique are purple, gold, and turquoise, hues that are also prominent in Prom dresses 2008 trends. To darken your eyes and add a sultry effect, use a very thin dark liner at the tips of your eyes. Want to go all-out red carpet glam? Then apply false eyelashes. This prom makeup suggestion can not only add length and volume to otherwise thin lashes, but also add that bit of drama so prevalent in all of the 2010 top 10 prom dresses trends.

Adding oomph to your pout is easy with just a few simple prom makeup suggestions. If you want to put focus on your lips, apply a red gloss. Glosses are a popular way to add natural shine to lips, while also supplying a hint of Hollywood-inspired dazzle. If you prefer to use regular lipstick, make sure to mix it with a clear gloss until you achieve the shine you desire. Another great prom makeup suggestion is to try a natural lip liner, blending into your lips with a finger or brush. Then add a touch of high-shine gloss for ultimate shimmer.

Prom Makeup Suggestions That Add Pizzazz to Your Look

Supplying just a bit of pizzazz to your formal look can be easily attained with just a couple of prom makeup suggestions. A gentle dusting of glimmering body powder or bronzer over the shoulder and neck area can perfect a dramatic prom look. These shimmering powders will look natural under prom lights, as opposed to generic body gels with glitter. While glittering gels can take away from the beauty of your dress, natural shimmers only add to glamour already present.

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