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How to Exercises for a Prom Perfect Body

Having found the ideal prom dress is useless unless you feel confident, beautiful, and unforgettable while wearing it. Slimming and firming your body with select prom workouts is the ideal way to improve your health, and secure your title as belle of the ball. You’ll want to target both your prom dress and your prom workouts to accentuate your favorite features while minimizing those that sap your confidence. The great thing is that the prom trends for 2008 offer prom dress styles for every body type. Once you’ve found the right dress for your body type and personality, all that’s left to do is to tailor your prom workouts to make the most of what you have to offer. Let’s face it; even the contestants on America’s Next Top Model have their insecurities. But you’ve got great motivation, a gorgeous dress, and now an ideal prom workout to help conquer yours.

The Ultimate Prom Workouts for the Upper Body

With backless dresses a hot trend for the Prom 2010 season, you’ll want to achieve a sleek, muscular back and supple arms. There are a few simple prom workouts that can help you attain these stunning attributes so that you’ll be proud to show off your new, glamorous prom dress. Defined arms and shoulders are a stunning complement to the sleeveless dresses so hot on the runway for 2011. Just imagine yourself in a shimmery mermaid blue floor length gown (like Jessica Alba wears so well) with a plunge neck and adorned bodice. Only taut triceps can accompany such a glamorous red carpet look. Try these targeted exercises to make your body toned and supple.

Back lifts: Lie on your stomach, palms resting on the floor, shoulder height. Attempt to elevate both your head and chest off the floor as high as possible without using your hands. Maintain this position for 10 seconds, and then gradually lower yourself back down to the floor. Execute three to five sets, 10 times each set.

Since strapless prom dresses are dominating the Prom 2010 scene you can eliminate that “jiggle” in your upper arms, or slim and tone broad shoulders with these prom workouts and exercises.

Triceps Kick-Backs: While holding a pair of weights, bend at the waist, your palms facing forward. Your back must be straight. Bring elbows up, and stretch arms back as high as possible. Repeat 10 times each, doing 3 to 5 sets.

Bicep Curls: Hold a five pound pair of weights, keeping your arms by your sides, palms facing inward. Slowly lift and lower the weights 10 times. Perform three to five sets.

Prom Workouts for Your Lower Half

Lean legs and toned calves are a must if you want to rock a short, sassy prom dress. The flutter cut hemline is hot for 2010; but to wear it well you’ll need to smoothly toned calves. Guys love a girl with perfect gams, but unfortunately not every gal was born with the long limbs of a super model. There are specific prom workouts that can firm your legs, and also keep you looking fabulous from behind.

Calf Raises: Stand tall with toes pointing straight, and feet slightly narrower than shoulder width apart. Push up onto your toes forcing your heels to rise up. Squeezing your calf muscles, slowly lower your heels. Repeat 10 times, three to five sets. A smoothly muscled calf always draws an admiring eye.

Lunges: Stand straight with hands placed firmly on hips, legs centered hip-width apart. Take a giant step forward with your right leg until your right thigh rests parallel to the ground. Return to the starting position, and then lunge with your left leg. Execute 10 times each leg, three to five sets.

Performing these prom workouts and exercises can assure a phenomenal body just in time for the event of the season. With time and effort, you will undoubtedly turn some heads with your terrific toned look!

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