Tips on Avoiding the Fashion Police at Your Special Event

Tips on Avoiding the Fashion Police at Your Special Event

A special event like a prom or elegant ball is your chance to shine, but you can easily turn your eye-catching ensemble into an eyesore if you ignore a few basic laws of fashion.

Donít get a gown that doesnít fit. If the gown fits, wear it. If it doesnít, leave it at home. Stuffing even the skinniest frame into a dress that is too tight can give you that horrible packed sausage look. This applies to the overall gown, as well as specific parts of the formal dress.

Make sure the bodice covers your chest, with no pressed chest oozing out from the top or sides. The skirt should cover your derriere and still make it possible to walk. And never wear a dress you canít even zip or otherwise fasten completely.

Donít overdo the trends. Trends can make a bold fashion statement, but that statement can be disaster if you try to pile on too many trends at once. For example, imagine wearing a bold print with an embellished pair of shoes and extravagant jewelry. Pick one trend and play it up to the hilt, donít drown it with competing looks that make the outfit foolish instead of fashionable.

Donít kill your look with accessories. A bold gown doesnít need an equally bold clutch, shoes and jewelry. An eye-catching pair of shoes does best with a more subtle, complimentary clutch.

An overall tip for avoiding the fashion police is when in doubt, leave it out. If you have to ask if something looks right, chances are it probably doesnít.

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