A-line Dresses Versus Ball Gowns

A-line Dresses Versus Ball Gowns

The ball gown is the dress you see in fairy tales, while the A-line dress is a bit more modern but no less appropriate for the prom or other formal affairs. Compare their assets to decide which one may work for you!

Silhouette. A-line dresses give you a silhouette in the shape of a gentle triangle while ball gowns are fitted at the top then blossom out into a bell-shape at the bottom. The center of the ball gown accentuates your waist while the A-line cut flows from your shoulders to the bottom hem, mimicking the shape of the letter A.

Bodice. A-line bodices can be strapless or feature straps and may be a bit tight, but not perfectly form-fitting. Ball gown bodices are usually body-hugging and strapless, often including embellishments throughout the entire bodice and at the waist.

Skirt. The A-line skirt flows to its hem in a continuum as part of the overall dress. The super-full ball gown skirt is truly its own entity, separate from the bodice and often making an eye-catching statement all its own.

Body type. A-line dresses work on most body types, with the only caveat for those who are a bit larger on top and may not be comfortable in a tighter top that flows directly into the skirt. The ball gown is a major plus for hiding heavier thighs, hips or bottoms, with a sweeping, floor-length skirt that can camouflage it all.

Either choice can keep heads turning in your direction all night, whether you are decked out like a princess or modern and hip in your elegant gown.

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