Things You Should Never Bring to a Formal Event

Things You Should Never Bring to a Formal Event

Things You Should Never Bring to a Formal Event

Formal events donít require you to bring much except yourself, your date and a very good attitude. Although you may want to bring a few essentials, you also want to steer clear of items that are taboo.

Your laptop. If you expect to spend any time working on your computer instead of enjoying your company, you may as well stay home. Sitting around texting, typing, watching YouTube videos or doing anything else that involves ignoring those around you is just plain rude. Besides, laptops are too big to fit in your perfectly accessorized clutch.

Your kids. If you donít have kids, this applies to your dog. If you donít have a dog, it applies to your teddy bear. Formal events are not the place for doggies or toddlers, even if the toddlers are decked out in tiaras. Adults only please.

Your MP3 player. Chances are the event already features its own music so there is no reason to bring your own. If you play yours on portable speakers, it can annoy all those around you. If you play yours on headphones, you are once again rudely ignoring those around you.

Your gun. Unless you are moonlighting as an undercover cop, your gun is not the best item to bring to a black-tie affair. Too many accidents can happen with a gun and you donít need to be responsible for shooting a hole in the ceiling or the crystal chandelier. Besides, it's bound to ruin the lines of your evening wear.

Packing lightly is a must for formal events, and these items are not only cumbersome but they have the power to ruin your night.

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