What to do With Your Gown After the Event is Over

What to do With Your Gown After the Event is Over

Your gown glimmered at your special event, but now the evening is over and you’re not sure what to do with your dress. Instead of cramming it in the back of your closet, check out ways your formal attire can still work for you once the night is a fond memory.

Wear it. Unlike wedding dresses or bridesmaid dresses, prom dresses and cocktail dresses are not specifically associated with a single event. Your elegant dress may be perfectly acceptable to wear to future functions, such as fancy dinners, graduation parties, birthday bashes and even a killer date if you’re going to a high-end place and really want to dress to impress!

Sell it. If you know you are not going to wear your dress again, you may be able to make a profit off your gorgeous gown by selling it. Check upscale consignment shops in your area to see if they specialize in formal wear, or sell it online at an auction site.

Adapt it. If your gown was grand for prom but just too over the top for other events, you can always adapt it to suit your needs. Tailors specialize in alterations and adaptations and can transform your formal gown into the sweetest and most dazzling casual dress you’ve ever had by shortening the skirt or making other changes. You can try adapting it yourself if you are very brave and know how to sew.

Gift it. Got a sister, cousin or younger friend who could use an elegant gown? Your night of elegance can be reincarnated by someone you love down the road.

The best elegant gowns are timeless, and these tips can help ensure that the timelessness and beauty of your dress do not end up crushed in your closet.

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