Advice how to improve the one shoulder dresses look

Advice how to improve the one shoulder dresses look

The one-shoulder, asymmetrical look has been hot for some time, and it doesnít look like itís fading anytime soon. It works on sweaters, gowns, casual dresses, tank tops and even T-shirts, as long as you know how to wear it with style. A good place to start is knowing how not to wear the look, with six things that can wreck the trend in an instant.

Flabby arms. As much as you want to show off your shoulders, they will probably not be the center of attention if they are attached to flabby arms. That does not mean all is lost. You can still show off your shoulders, while hiding your arms, with a longer sleeve top that has peek-a-boo cutouts in the shoulder area.

Narrow shoulders. Narrow shoulders donít particularly work well with the one-shoulder look. Sorry, gals, but thatís just the way it is.

Hair that covers it. You may as well wear a cape and disguise your one-shoulder look completely if you are going to let long hair hang down over it. Anything blocking the top defeats its purpose. Instead try a really cool upsweep, side ponytail, or parting your hair so it falls over the opposite shoulder.

Bad fit. A bad fit on a one-shoulder garment can not only be uncomfortable, but it can end up making you flash the crowd. Too big tops can fall sideways and gap. Those that are too small can ride up or down without your consent or dig into your skin at the hemline. Ouch!

Slouching. Slouching can be as awful as a bad fit for the one-shoulder look. Stoop and slouch and the top can buckle or bunch in all the wrong places. The strap can also fall forward or off. If you find yourself slouching because youíre not confident in the one-shoulder look, perhaps you should leave it alone for now until you build up your courage to wear it with pride.

Bra straps! Exposed bra straps typically take the fashion faux pas cake for any outfit, but they are especially tacky with a one-shoulder look. They also defeat the whole purpose of the look by adding an extra strap where one should not be. Yuck!

Donít fret if you canít pull off the one-shoulder look, as there are plenty of ways you can still follow the asymmetrical trend. Asymmetrical hems are also hot, and you can rock them on your skirts, dresses, jackets and shirts. But for those of you ready to show a little shoulder- do it with style.

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