Tips on Creating Elegant Hairstyles

Tips on Creating Elegant Hairstyles

Choosing the right hairstyle for your prom party is an important part of the equation for great success. Here are some tips of how to choose and decide what hairstyle to have at your prom or homecoming event.

Elegant hair comes in all lengths, colors, and styles, but they all can work a bit better with a few simple tips. Choosing a style you want and then forcing your hair to cooperate is not one of those tips.

Know your hair type. A long, sleek pony won’t work too well if your hair is curly. Nor will a bed-headed chignon look all that great with stick-straight tresses. Picking an elegant style that works with your hair type is essential to not only looking good but looking good for hours. Sure, you can sleekify your curly hair with a straightening iron, but the results may not last once you start having a good time.

Add manageability with products. Here’s where hairspray, gel, mousse, paste, wax and more hairspray may come in. The exact products you use depend on the style you want and your hair type, but two rules apply to all. Lift the roots with spray or other product before the styling begins. Help keep it in place with hairspray after.

Add pizzazz (and security!) with accessories. Constantly checking your French twist to see if it untwisted is annoying and gauche. Make sure you firmly secure your style with the proper accessories it requires. Throw a few extra pins in your bag for safe measure, or even carry an eye-catching clip or headband in case all heck breaks loose on your head.

These tips can help ensure all heck does not break loose so you can focus on having fun instead of putting your hair back into its updo.

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