Tips for Finding Proper Fit in an Evening Gown

Tips for Finding Proper Fit in an Evening Gown

An ill-fitting gown can not only ruin a glamorous look, but it can fall down, ride up or otherwise make you an uncomfortable mess. Not every style works with every body type, and the same style from different designers may feature different fits, too.

Bodice. Make sure you can zip up the dress and no material puckers or sags once you do. The bodice should be filled but not over-full, and it needs to stay securely in place when you move. Raise your arms, bend over and twist to the side. If your bodice falls down, choose a different size, style or find a tailor.

Waist. The waist needs to fit your own waist’s natural size and location. Styles that specifically define the waist include the ball gown, ballerina dress and princess gown. If your waist naturally falls particularly high or low, these styles may not be your best options. Instead go for a cut that gives your waist the leeway it may need.

Length. Full-length gowns generally should skim the floor without dragging behind you. Exceptions exist for gowns that are meant to trail behind you in a train, but the general rule says the gown should neither trip you nor show your shoes while you’re standing still. Short dresses vary widely on length, but they should properly cover what needs to be covered while you’re standing, sitting and dancing.

Moving around in your gown before it goes public and following these tips can help ensure a perfect fit!

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