Trendy Colors for Prom Dresses

Trendy Colors for Prom Dresses

Hot colors for Prom 2016!

Classic colors such as Black, Royal Blue, Red and Pink are hot for prom 2016, as they were for 2015. But why not branch out and explore the more unusual and trendy shades popping up in current prom collections?

Marsala Pantone named Marsala 'Color of The Year' for 2015, and it's been cropping up everywhere! This rich dark red color has a warm brown tone that makes it more flattering and less harsh than a true bright red. Marsala, Burgundy or Ruby is an ideal alternative to plain black for very formal events as it's a sophisticated and elegant shade that's not too flashy. Marsala looks stunning paired with gold, as seen with Clarisse 4507 or with silver, as with style 2839 (pictured above).

Magenta Many girls unfortunately pass purple by as a color option for Prom. It can be an intimidating color family, but mixed with pink purple becomes a very flattering and easy shade to pull off! Magenta , Plum and Berry are rich pinky purple jewel tones that look lovely on pale and dark skin alike. The femininity of pink is balanced by the regal elegance of purple, creating a versatile color that's both fun and sophisticated. Check out Party Time 6109 in Plum (pictured above), Clarisse 2503 in Magenta or Clarisse 2735 in Berry.

Neons Do you have a bold personality? Let it shine through at prom in a fun neon shade! Not for the faint of heart, these crazy bright shades will guarantee you'll stand out at prom. Try alluring limeade Clarisse 2779 (pictured above), Flamingo Clarisse 2715, or an electric lime green with Alyce 35590 .

Gray A gray prom dress may strike you as an uninspired choice, but this effortless color should not be overlooked! Gray comes in many shades, from delicate powdery silver to cool gunmetal to bright and shiny metallic. It provides a lovely backdrop for rich embellishment, and is a chic alternative to other neutral colors such as champagne. Check out out Scala style 1027 or mermaid gown Clarisse 2749 (also available in marsala!) for two stunning examples of gray prom dresses.

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