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Prom is one of the most prestigious black tie events in a young person's life, usually held near the end of a junior or a senior year.

Since it is such a major event, many students go to extra lengths to select the type of attire that will make them stand out in the crowd while at the same time offering ultimate comfort to the wearer. In the market, many types of materials are available for making these prom dresses 2012. One thing the buyer needs to make sure of is that the type of material selected is not only elegant but also stylish and cool to reduce sweating.

Silk is one of the best materials that can be used in making elegant prom dresses. Jovani gowns Silk is made from natural protein fiber and because of this, it comes with versatility and comfort. The advantage of this material is that it does not shrink as compared to other types of fabrics and that can be hand-washed. In addition, the material has a high level of absorbency and therefore can be dyed in many different colors. Silk is a great material for prom dresses as it retains its shape, comes with a great luster and caresses the figure. The other type of popular material for prom dresses is Chiffon.

Chiffon is made from different types of fabrics such as cotton, silk, nylon, polyester and rayon. The material is known for its simple weave as well as its subtle shimmer and therefore it is a popular choice for formal and evening wear. The main reason for this is that it offers an elegant drape and a floaty appearance. Silk chiffon comes with added advantage of strength because it is made from natural fiber and this means it will come with a higher cost as compared to synthetics. The material is difficult to work with because it is slippery and to help this it is usually coordinated with an under layer. Those working with this material need to be extra careful to avoid sewing it too fast, as it will gather and bunch causing an unpleasant look.

Georgette is another type of material for prom dresses and has been traditionally made from silk, though man-made fibers like polyester can also be used to make it.Clarisse The fabric comes with a unique appearance that features a crinkly texture because of the highly twisted threads in the fabric. Just like silk, georgette can be easily dyed because it has a high rate of absorbency and can be printed with a pattern. One thing that has made this material very popular for prom gowns as well as for evening wear is the springy feature that makes the fabric seem to move on its own. The other advantage is that it is very lightweight meaning that it can be used in layers without making it bulky. Caring for this fabric involves simple steps such as using mild detergent while washing in cold water and hanging it to dry while ensuring it does not stay out in the sun for too long to avoid fading.

Fashionable buyers can also select

Charmeuse - a fabric that is made from silk but has a satin finish. Since it is lightweight and glossy it makes a good choice for prom dresses as it drapes well giving it a great floating appearance. The slippery quality makes this fabric difficult to work with. While working with this fabric, it is recommended that pins should not be used as it will leave marks and it is advisable not to twist the fabric while washing because it creates permanent wrinkles.

Taffeta that previously was made only from silk, can now be made from different synthetic fabrics such as nylon and rayon. This type of fabric is known for generating a rustling sound but also for its soft and smooth feel. For prom or cocktail dresses, shoppers can select the silk taffeta. More importantly, they should select the ones that are yarn-dyed rather than the piece-dyed type, because they are much stiffer than piece-dyed which is mainly used for inner linings.

Wearers can also select

Velvet, which is a soft pile fabric that was traditionally made from silk but can now be made from different fabrics such as cotton and synthetics. The advantage of this material is that it takes dye so well and is very lustrous when made from silk. Though mostly related to vintage gowns, Velvet is available in different variations but still with the soft pile. Some of the variations include velveteen and velour.

Silk Organza is another choice for prom formal dresses. Clarisse It is similar to silk because it is made from various blends of silk filaments, polyester as well as nylon. This fabric is sheer and crisp but it is also strong and durable with a flat and smooth texture. It can also be easily dyed using strong colors but is resistant to dye spreading.

Satin is a very popular type of material for prom dresses and is known for the two sides it comes with: the glossy side and the dull side. It is a glossy fabric that has been used for years in making some of the best garments. Though it was made exclusively from silk, they are now made from other types of fabric such as polyester, nylon, rayon and acetate but still provide the glossy look at an affordable cost. Users can also get satin fabrics that are doubled faced although the price will be a bit higher.

Tulle is one other type of material for making prom dresses. This fabric is made from silk, rayon, nylon or cotton and comes with a weaving that is based on a mesh pattern. Tulle creates a lacy look that comes with a floating appearance and is mostly used to add bulk on different types of garments. No matter the style chosen, the Materials can be used to create different styles of prom dresses since they are all elegant and glamorous. The choice of material selected will depend on the individual and a number of other factors such as the availability of the material as well as the type of accessories the wearer will choose.

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